Another aspect of the guy recently sacked from mnbc over leaked photographs of Reeko Moosa

This is how I know Muaa. One of my close friend, a girl known as Shiza (not the real name) joined Youth-TV with lot of enthusiasm, creative knowledge and with a strong ambition of building a firm career in the field. At the time the young 18 year old girl was doing some screen testing before doing on-camera shooting for a major youth TV show. A day before the scheduled shooting, she met me in a coffee shop and told me her part of story or experience with Muaa. First she was interviewed by Muaa and let her in, after that he started inviting her for tea. Start if off with concepts of TV programmes and end up by proposing her. She told me that very often he used to send love text messages and offer her to go out with him. At the time she was seriously dating with another friend of mine working in an airline. Later she couldn’t withstand the mounting pressure from him and, as she rejected to hold his hands, she became the worst employee for him. At last she quit her job. According to her, many young girls joining Youth-TV had to face similar kind of behavior from him forcing them to quit ultimately. She went on explaining him as a psycho.

This is just another aspect of the guy recently sacked from MNBC over allegation of leaking the photos of MDP parliamentary leader Reeko Moosa Manik playing with the restricted video archive of MNBCONE (former TVM).

I have to disagree with most of the sympathizing comments posted on local online newspapers following the publication of the article about the dismissal of head of Youth-TV, Ibrahim Muaaz. This person has a history of being disloyal to his employers, always tries to get the big piece of cake.

He was 1st sacked from TVM back in Kutti Nasheed’s days for allegedly releasing inside informations of the organization on a website known as Kakkakaako. However, he won a court case against TVM and got the opportunity to regain his job but apparently avoid doing so and joined first ever privet TV channel, DhiTV. As a gift from then MD Khaleel he was let in to MNBC. And many producers knew him as a secret agent of the management. After some times, Khaleel launched YouthTV and gave it to him, creating a morality disaster among much capable TV producers of then TVM under MNBC.

On Many occasions he has been spotted as a vocal critic of opposition MPs and activists as what was told by some of his former colleagues. I believe at the verge of losing state media to MBC he played a game in the hope of getting an easy entry ticket to new company, in which apparently the lead role was given to Rekoo Mosaa Manik. Another possibility could be former MD Khaleel, who failed to make it to MBC board of directors in fact, told him to go and get the photos and leak it to local media who failed to make it to MBC board of directors. Everyone knows that what kind of links he has with former MD who is identified as one of the shareholders of Business magnate Champaa’s Radio outlet DhiFM which is a sister company of DhiTV who break the story of the leaked photographs of MP Mosaa Manik active in MNBC archive.

Anyway, don’t take it so seriously, this is just my imaginations. My thoughts might have some true aspects of the untold story which was never highlighted by the press. I believe this is just another publicity stunt. Muaa’s story was covered by almost every media outlet in the Maldives giving him enough publicity. In the past he showed immense loyalty to MNBC board members in particular former MD Khaleel, however, turnout to be the real hypocrite. Wherever he goes he would remain the same.


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