Taxi driver refused to take my guitar in the taxi

Yusuf Islam - Where do the children playYusuf Islam performing one of his Nasheed's while playing live guitar

Today, a taxi driver refused to put my guitar in to his dicky, apparently admitting it as ‘Haraam’ to take. However, he was ready to fit all of my luggages including a DISH and its Receiver in to his car dicky but not the guitar. I am confused and terribly worried of this. I wonder wouldn’t he give taxi services to certainly disbelievers like visiting tourists and foreign expatriates. Transport Ministry and Islamic Affairs Ministry has to do something about this. Alarmingly radicalism is spreading in the Maldives. May be one day such taxi drivers will leave their taxis to give camel service in Malé. Former superstar singer Ali Rameez is to be responsible for misleading some of us. World renowned Muslim advocator and scholar Yusuf Islam also plays guitar. If we use guitar to promote prohibited activities in Islam then it might get ‘Harram”…, what do you say ?


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