Taxi driver refused to take my guitar in the taxi

Yusuf Islam - Where do the children playYusuf Islam performing one of his Nasheed's while playing live guitar

Today, a taxi driver refused to put my guitar in to his dicky, apparently admitting it as ‘Haraam’ to take. However, he was ready to fit all of my luggages including a DISH and its Receiver in to his car dicky but not the guitar. I am confused and terribly worried of this. I wonder wouldn’t he give taxi services to certainly disbelievers like visiting tourists and foreign expatriates. Transport Ministry and Islamic Affairs Ministry has to do something about this. Alarmingly radicalism is spreading in the Maldives. May be one day such taxi drivers will leave their taxis to give camel service in Malé. Former superstar singer Ali Rameez is to be responsible for misleading some of us. World renowned Muslim advocator and scholar Yusuf Islam also plays guitar. If we use guitar to promote prohibited activities in Islam then it might get ‘Harram”…, what do you say ?


Riot-police used force to put off protesters gathered at Republican Square over soaring prices

This week to perform weekly Friday Prayers I took my kid to Islamic Center, an architectural landmark where the grand Friday Mosque is located. Unlike previous weeks yesterday from the very outset I noticed that the atmosphere has changed following opposition’s call for mass rally on Friday.


Protesters and riot police side by side

After parking my motorcycle near the official Jetty in front of Jumhooree  Maidhaan or Republican Square I led my kid in to the Islamic Center which has a capacity of 5000 people naming it as the biggest mosque of the country. Walking through the Square I gave a fleeting look around and found in the eastern side of Square near the Police Headquarters yet, equipments of riot gear draped on the ground in the heat of sun to make them dry before taking it on for the rest of the days’ activity.  After clashes with protesters in the capital Malé on the previous night their sweat filth  riot gear equipments such as riot face shields, riot helmets, Knee & elbow pads and chest protectors were laid on the ground to dry them. Many police were lining up along the main police building; some were preparing themselves by putting on their riot uniform, while police presence is high in and around the mosque, unlike other Fridays.

This shows the gravity of the situation. Earlier anti government protesters vowed that they will congregate in the restricted security zone of Republican Square after the Friday Prayers to protest against soaring prices. The organizers kept on warning that this would be their biggest rally since the protests began.  The week long protests in the capital already has badly hit the international media and today, Aljazeera News Network, BBC, CNN, Reuters, AFP and more regional news agencies like Xinhua covered the protests. Obviously this makes government to take action and due to mounting pressure, Foreign Minister Kerefa Naseem went to Colombo to brief international media on the situation and defend government’s position.

police arresting some protesters

Pressure is not less for the security forces — international media’s reporters and journalists with their cameras were seen around — and certainly they would be cautious too in using force against protesters to save their face.

The three-story Islamic Center was filled with prayers, and many had to pray outside in the compound which is quite common on Fridays however, I saw handful of opposition political figures among prayers while in the main hall of Islamic Center president Nasheed was present.  My son and I got a piece of room to lay our mat in the shed of the compound. By the time we reached the mosque Friday sermon had began and it was offered by Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Abdul Majeedh Abdul Baaree.

Some might say his sermon was highly politicized mainly for the purpose of keeping the crowd silent. The sermon was based on the current events of the country including soaring prices and protests. He called on all sides to show restrain and to hold talks in order to turn away differences.

Frontline of protesters facing the riot police

Immediately after the prayers people stared converging in the Republican Square while onlookers including many foreign expatriates were lining up along the square.  Some organizers and opposition political figures went in to the circle in the middle of the square and sat on the ground, followed by many more protesters. Later they tried to go closer to the Police Headquarters and opposition figure Umar Naseer actually climbed on top of the platform where the big national flag pole is erected. He was waving a small national flag in his hand. At this point whole area looked like another — August 12/13 — which is the day then opposition MDP mounted pressure on Gayoom’s government by staging a mass gathering in the Republican Square.

However, protesters were able to stay there for half an hour after that riot police slammed the crowd by giving warning to leave the area. This time police did not use teargas or pepper spray however, they used batons to deter the unarmed protesters and within few minutes the whole area was cleared off. In the presence of foreign media police made few arrests including opposition political figures such as Umar Naseer, Ali Arif and Mahloof. And the protesters were pushed along Chandhanee Magu through Majeedhee Magu to artificial beach.

Finlay protesters went home after announcing they would stage another protest in the following evening.

If I Fell (The Beatles) Lyrics & Chords

Hey guys! I found those chords on the Internet, though I just put it with a capo 
on the 2nd fret. I think it's the way it's should be played, still I don't know if 
the Fab really did it like that... but I guess they did.

It is in standard tuning, though you can go with a ½ or whole step down if you 
wannna, then just put the capo at fret 3 or 4 :P

The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night (1964)

Written by John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Capo at 2nd fret

The chords are the one you should play. So a D would be (xx0232) with the capo. So 
in fact, a D ain't really a D but a E... anyway you know what I mean...

		If I fell in love with you
		Would you promise to be true
		         Cb Abm
		And help me understand
		'Cause I've been in love before 
		And found that love is more
		     Dm           G
		Than just holding hands

		     C    Dm Em      Dm
		If I give my heart to you
		  G                     C  Dm Em
		I must be sure from the very  start
		     Dm        G                 C   Dm  G
		That you would love me more than her

		     C     Dm Em
		If I trust in you
		   Dm            G
		Oh please, don't run and hide
		      C   Dm  Em
		If I love you too
		   Dm            G                  C9
		Oh please, don't hurt my pride like her
		Cause I couldn't stand the pain
		    Fm                        C           G7
		And I would be sad if our new love was in vain

		     C    Dm     Em
		So I hope you'll see 
		     Dm      G     
		That I would love to love you
		C   Dm   Em       Dm
		And that she will cry
		     G                 C
		When she learns we are two

		Cause I couldn't stand the pain
		    Fm                        C           G7
		And I would be sad if our new love was in vain

		     C    Dm     Em
		So I hope you'll see 
		     Dm      G     
		That I would love to love you
		C   Dm   Em       Dm
		And that she will cry
		     G                 C
		When she learns we are two
		     Fm      Bb         C*
		If I fell in love with you

              Outro  Fm      Bb         C*

Here is the way I play the chords. You may play them differently, but I've try 
some and I think those are the best chords for the situation. Here it is.

Dbm (
C* (
Cb (
Abm (
Dm (x.x.
G (
C (x.
Em (
C9 (x.
F (
Fm (
G7 (3.x.3.4.3.x)
Bb (			


Terrorist arrested for planning World Cup attack ‘of Maldives origin’: Malik

Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? Discover the Facts From Scholars
Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik has claimed that the terrorist arrested in Colombo, who was planning an attack on cricketers during the ICC World Cup 2011, is of Maldivian origin.

The seven-member terrorist group had also been busted on the information of the arrested terrorist, he added.

Malik, who was speaking to the media after attending the inauguration of a passport office at Gujar Khan in Rawalpindi, said that the government was cooperating with the Interpol to cripple the terrorist network in Pakistan.

However, he made it clear that this particular network was operating from Afghanistan and not from Pakistani territory.

“These terrorists had links with some militants of Northern Areas,” The Nation quoted Malik, as saying.

He had confirmed on Thursday that the country’s security forces had arrested an alleged terrorist who had made plans to launch an attack at the World Cup venue.alik, who did not identify the nationality or the affiliation of the alleged terrorist at that time, made the revelation at a joint briefing with Interpol chief Ronald Noble, saying that the International Police Organisation had helped in uncovering the plot.

New Delhi had been informed of the plot, said Malik as he also claimed that the Taliban had spread its tentacles to India and that he had warned the neighbouring country of this menace.

“Let’s not forget that terrorists have got no boundary or religion. There are several indications that the Taliban have started their activities in India,” Malik said addressing the joint news conference with Noble.

“I am saying this on record and I have also informed India. We must work together to stop the work of terrorists,” he added. (ANI)

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