Monkey’s justice for DRP problem

Monkey’s justice for DRP problem

Stalemate between DRP’s honorary leader ‘Gayoom’ and its leader ‘Thasmeen’ over its control hasn’t bring anything better for their party, as day by day the differences are widening — creating deep division between two factions. Consequently, their dreams for 2013 are apparently in jeopardy. It is seen vital for them to stay together if they really … Continue reading

Opposition MP Ali Waheed joins MDP

It was not an ordinary evening for ruling MDP supporters. Hundreds of supporters, party activists alongside with President Nasheed and other senior government officials were enthusiastically waiting at the party rally held in the artificial beach on Friday evening to welcome the defected politicians from main opposition DRP joining their party. The rally commenced stating … Continue reading

Along with political freedom women wearing Hijab increases in Maldives

After reading your ( article “Fashion Statements”, right away my fingertips scrolled on the keyboard to write an opinion on this topic. Occasionally I read your blog and this is the first time I am giving my thoughts in to one of your article. Well, in Maldives Hijab was not a common seen until beginning … Continue reading

Maldives: Transfer of Broadcast Assets to Autonomous Body

PRESS RELEASE The InternationalFederation of Journalists (IFJ) welcomes the ruling by the Maldives Civil Court that the assets and budget of the state-owned Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) be handed over to the autonomous andindependent Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). This transfer is to be effected within twenty days, by which time journalists and other workers … Continue reading