Gayoom attempts to reform his party

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom for the first time in months addressed his supporters of opposition DRP’s Z-faction on Wednesday evening, reiterating his calls for the need of reforming his very own party. Marking the seventh anniversary of the democratic reform package which he announced in June 9, 2011, he went on to say that … Continue reading Gayoom attempts to reform his party


Monkey’s justice for DRP problem

Stalemate between DRP’s honorary leader ‘Gayoom’ and its leader ‘Thasmeen’ over its control hasn’t bring anything better for their party, as day by day the differences are widening -- creating deep division between two factions. Consequently, their dreams for 2013 are apparently in jeopardy. It is seen vital for them to stay together if they really … Continue reading Monkey’s justice for DRP problem

DRP MP Kalhey aslo switches party

It’s no surprise to see former DRP member MP Abdu’Raheem (Kalhey) switching his party to MDP. Even last year just for 24 hours he slides in and out to MDP. Amid speculation that MDP is buying up MPs in a bid to gain absolute control of the parliament with the new members joining, the seats directly … Continue reading DRP MP Kalhey aslo switches party